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To Ελληνικό Ινστιτούτο Προμηθειών εξασφάλισε στα μέλη του έκπτωση 15% στην εκδήλωση της Marcus Evans Supplier Relationship Management - Aerospace & Defence

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A Pan-European Conference:

„Aerospace Supplier Collaboration“ on 24 & 25th September 2007 in Berlin

Moving beyond contractual thinking into long term strategic partnerships

Berlin, 07th May 2007. marcus evans is setting up a pan-european aerospace conference focused on cost effective material sourcing and strategic supplier development. “SRM Aerospace & Defense” will be held on 24th & 25th September 2007 in Berlin, Germany.

The conference will focus on strategies to optimize lead time and visibility while operating across multiple supply chains, suppliers and service providers and will target among others Directors of Global SCM, Logistics Specialists, Heads of Procurement, Purchasing, Material Management, SRM and Supplier Development. Speakers will include representatives of OEMs and supplier enterprises as well as sub-contractors involved in the aerospace supply chain. With increasing market pressures and a rising competition in the race for resources, primes are striving to rationalize their supplier base, moving work down the supply chain and share risks.  The biggest challenge for OEMs is to improve and sustain supplier process capability while at the same time ensuring long term reliable partnerships in order to counterbalance demand fluctuations and meet customer expectations. This conference will address all issues related to strategic supplier relationship management: from collaborative logistics approaches in global sourcing to early supplier involvement in research and design.   Key supply chain issues like forecast adherence in multinational projects and multi-tier supply chain visibility will be examined in detail through case studies from successful companies.  Procurement issues will be dealt with in a focus session on sourcing in low cost countries. The conference will provide best practices on how to achieve complete visibility over stocks outside the company’s control, how to integrate partners and maximize return on resources. Attendees will benefit from expert insights into methods to increase suppliers’ competitiveness and will benchmark best practices from other industries like automotive and semiconductors

Pricing Information

2 days conference + online documentation: 2499.00

Tax: 19.00%

Total: 2973.81

Consultants + online documentation: 2999.00

Tax: 19.00%

Total: 3568.81

Early bird discount of 10% until 31.05.2007:

Price : 2249.00
Tax : 19.00%
Total : 2676.31

Event contact  
Christian Böhm
Marketing Sales Executive 
Unter den Linden 21
10117 Berlin 
Tel :+49 (0)30 890 61 240
Fax :+49 (0)30 890 61 255
EMail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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